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Project Directorships

Project Directors each manage a particular service or initiative, from managing a café to teaching high school students about engineering. Many of them form committees or teams open to anyone at Skule™ to achieve their goals for the year. They are elected by the outgoing EngSoc Council members near the end of their terms.

Alumni Outreach Director Amritha Tayalur Jagadeesh Overseen by the President

The Alumni Outreach Director develops the relationship between engineering alumni and current engineering students. They promote Skule™’s activities and development to former students and work with other student groups and with the faculty to increase alumni engagement.


Archivist Emily Macdonald-Roach Overseen by the President

The Archivist maintains the Skule™ Archives, a collection of physical and digital relics dating back to when the Little Red Skulehouse was still standing. They work with their team and the Engineering Alumni Association to gather, track, and preserve materials which reflect important aspects of our history. They document Skule™’s current culture for students in the future to reflect on, and often offer events where current engineering students can engage with the history of their community.

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Cannon Editor-in-Chief Rick Liu Overseen by VP Communications

The Cannon Editor runs the Cannon, Skule™’s “serious” newspaper, dedicated to informing students about happenings on campus and related to the engineering profession. They coordinate a dedicated staff to publish editions to newsstands and online on a regular basis.

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Cannonball Director Alex Caton Overseen by VP Finance

The Cannonball Director organizes Cannonball, the Skule™-wide semi-formal dinner dance. They coordinate with a venue, caterers, and entertainment to provide a fun and memorable night for students.

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Community Outreach Director Saskia van Beers Overseen by VP Student Life

The Community Outreach Director coordinates efforts among the engineering community toward volunteerism, community service, and charity. They direct public campaigns driven by engineering students to benefit those in need.


Computer Systems Administrator Amanda Plotnik Overseen by VP Communications

The Sysadmin maintains EngSoc’s computers and its backend technical infrastructure including its local and remote servers. They also coordinate with the Webmaster to resolve technical problems which interfere with EngSoc services or resources, like this website.


Design Team Association Director Katie Allison Overseen by VP Student Life

The Design Team Association Director heads the Design Team Association. They coordinate the efforts of design teams to resolve their shared problems and they represent the interests of those teams to EngSoc.


Engineering Stores Managers Leah McLeod-Demers & Karen Zhao Overseen by VP Finance

The Stores Managers operate the store where many students will pick up their first year textbooks, coveralls, or leather jackets. They work with their staff throughout the year to coordinate with student groups on campus, providing a central location for academic materials and other Skule™ necessities.

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Equity and Inclusivity Director Savanna Blade Overseen by the President

The Equity and Inclusivity Director promotes awareness of equity and inclusivity issues within the Skule™ community. They coordinate with clubs and university services to facilitate discussion and support, and work with the Ombudsperson to respond to the needs of students.


F!rosh Handbook Editor Parker Johnston Overseen by VP Communications

The Handbook Editor coordinates the production of the F!rosh Handbook which is mailed out to many F!rosh in the summer. They coordinate their team to introduce hundreds of incoming students to the Skule™ community and life at the University of Toronto. They also create the Skule™ Agneda, a free daily agenda available to all engineering students, in the following summer. You can pick up a free Agenda at the EngSoc office.

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Gradball Director Kevin Zhang Overseen by VP Finance

The Cannonball Director organizes Gradball, the Skule™-wide formal dinner dance. They coordinate with a venue, caterers, and entertainment to provide a fun and memorable night for students.

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Hard Hat Café Managers Nishad Islam & Gabriela Savva Overseen by VP Finance

The Café Managers operate the café where students can pick up something to eat between classes. They work with their team to provide a central location for meals and snacks on campus and coordinate with a variety of suppliers to ensure that food is delivered and stored in a safe and timely manner.


Hi-Skule™ Liaison Dana Kokoska Overseen by VP Academic

The Hi-Skule™ Liaison leads Hi-Skule™, a group dedicated to educating students in high school about engineering and what studying engineering entails. They coordinate with faculty to run recruitment events and with high school administrators to organize presentations to potential incoming students. A few of the other events they run include PreF!rosh, University of Toronto High School Design Competition and Designapalooza.

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Mental Wellness Director Kathleen Vranesic Overseen by VP Academic

The Mental Wellness Director promotes mental health awareness within the Skule™ community. They coordinate with professional services to direct students with mental health concerns to appropriate help and resources, and support stress relief activities for engineering students.

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Ombudsperson Chinmayee Gidwani Overseen by the Speaker

The Ombudsperson is a neutral body who gathers feedback about all aspects of Skule™ and mediates interpersonal conflicts within EngSoc. In addition to running the Skule™ census every year, they make themselves available at all times to hear comments or complaints about EngSoc’s operations. The Ombudsperson ensures that feedback remains anonymous and is given to people who can attempt to address it.

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Orientation Chair Gabe Sher Overseen by VP Student Life

The “Orientation Chair” (or “OC”) organizes F!rosh Week, Skule™’s orientation for incoming students. They build an Orientation Committee of Vice-Chairs and appoint Subcommittee Chairs and Head Leedurs to provide a fun week introduction to incoming students.

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Skule™ Kup Director Harrison Chan Overseen by VP Student Life

The Skule™ Kup Director organizes a year-long competition between the engineering disciplines. They develop a variety of events in which students can compete on behalf of their disciplines and have fun.

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Skulebook Editor Niranjana Babu Overseen by VP Communications

The Skulebook Editor coordinates the publication of the Skulebook, the annual yearbook available to all engineering students. They coordinate a creative team throughout the year to capture Skule™’s fondest memories.


Sponsorship Director Chan Yang Overseen by VP Finance

The Sponsorship Director builds relationships with sponsors in order to provide financial relief for EngSoc initiatives. They maintain a sponsorship package for events such as Cannonball, Gradball, Orientation, and they arrange the sale of advertisements in the Society publications.


SUDS Managers Nicholas Popowich & Kevin Xu Overseen by VP Finance

The SUDS Managers operate Skule™’s very own bar every Friday night in the Sandford Fleming basement. They work with a team of volunteer servers to provide a safe and stress-free environment for students to unwind and socialize.

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Toike Oike Editor-in-Chief Joanna Melnyk Overseen by VP Communications

The Toike Oike Editor-in-Chief runs the Toike Oike or “Toike”, Skule™’s humour newspaper, dedicated to making students laugh, satirizing the sillier aspects of life as a student at the University of Toronto, and Skule™ spirit. They coordinate contributors from engineering and Arts and Sciences faculties to publish regular editions across campus.

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UTEK Director Atharva Datar Overseen by VP Academic

The UTEK Director organizes the University of Toronto Engineering Kompetition, a competition where students can develop their engineering skills, network with professional engineers, and qualify for the Ontario Engineering Competition. They coordinate with alumni and external companies and work with their team to develop a series of events throughout the year.

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