EngSoc Documents

Constitution and Bylaws

The EngSoc bylaws regulate how EngSoc functions. They can only be changed by a resolution of the Board of Directors, and any change to the Constitution must be approved at an Annual General Meeting in which any full-time or part-time undergraduate engineering student is able to vote.

  1. Bylaw 1 - The Constitution
  2. Bylaw 2 - The Project Directors and Associated Entities Bylaw
  3. Bylaw 3 - The Elections Bylaw
  4. Bylaw 4 - The Officers Bylaw
  5. Bylaw 5 - The Commercial Operations Bylaw
  6. Bylaw 6 - The Search and Review Committee
  7. Bylaw 7 - The Discipline Clubs and Class Representatives Bylaw


The policies are a set of best practices for EngSoc. Engineering Society policies can be changed by a resolution of the Board of Directors or by a resolution of a meeting of the Officers.

  1. Accessibility Policy
  2. Affiliated Clubs
  3. Awarding Society Awards
  4. Branding
  5. Complaints
  6. Finances
  7. Levy Groups
  8. Orientation Governance
  9. Suds Operations
  10. Publications
  11. Student Choice Awards
  12. Digital Services


  1. Confidentiality Agreement - Information Sharing
  2. Standing Rules of Order
  3. UTSU x EngSoc Associate Membership Agreement
  4. Beginners' Guide to BoD Procedures

For older versions of the Bylaws and/or Policies, please contact the VP Communications at vpcomm@skule.ca.