Student Levies

Certain student groups on campus have their own levy that comes from students in addition to other ancillary fees. The purpose of these levies is to provide some of the larger clubs with a regular source of income that fund complex design projects, long distance competitions, and various other activities that students can become involved in.

Levies are determined by holding a referendum among the entire Engineering Undergraduate student body, and must be renewed every 2 years to ensure that there is still a desire to continue funding each group. The current levies in place are listed below:

  • University of Toronto Robotics Association ($2.50 per semester)
  • University of Toronto Aerospace Team ($3.25 per semester)
  • Engineers Without Borders ($1.50 per semester)
  • University of Toronto Concrete Canoe Team ($1.38 per semester)
  • University of Toronto Formula SAE Racing Team ($2.75 per semester)
  • University of Toronto Blue Sky Solar Racing Team ($3.20 per semester)
  • University of Toronto Human Powered Design Vehicle Team ($2.00 per semester)
  • University of Toronto Robotics for Space Exploration Team ($1.85 per semester)
  • University of Toronto Concrete Toboggan Team ($1.50 per semester)
  • Skule Nite ($1.95 per semester)
  • Engineering Student Society Council of Ontario (ESSCO) ($0.08/fall, $0.09/winter)
  • University of Toronto Hyperloop Team ($1.35 per semester)
  • Engineers In Action ($1.00 per semester)

Application Process

Applications are now open and will be open until midnight of February 18.

  1. Complete document available here.
  2. Read the EngSoc Policy on levy groups and be willing to comply. Some portions are outdated and being updated so do reach out if you’re concerned about portions you can’t comply with.
  3. Fill out the application template linked here. Please see information on the application requirements above.
  4. Submit to the Google form here.
  5. Application is reviewed by the finance committee. Incomplete applications will be automatically rejected.
  6. The recommendation of the finance committee is emailed to applicants during the week of February 21 to 25.
  7. Official approval is provided at the February Board of Directors meeting.
    1. Applicants may appeal decisions at this meeting
  8. A referendum of the student body is conducted in March on your levy request.
  9. If passed, the levy begins the following year.
  10. Renewal (application & referendum) is required every two years.

The Application (Template here)

The application requires the following information:

  • Basic information about the club, their motivation for and intended use of a levy.
  • A letter to the student body, for distribution should their application be approved and a referendum of the student body conducted
  • A budget of the revenues and expenses for the duration of the levy (Upcoming TWO years)
  • A budget of the current and past revenues/expenses
  • A profit and loss statement, or document of transactions that the organization has made over the last two years
  • 50 signatures of support completed through this form and submitted with application.

Voting Process

Currently not open


If you have any questions about Levies, please contact the VP Finance at