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University of Toronto Students' Union

One of the UTSU's most recognized services is the Health and Dental Plan, click here to find out more about it, including how to submit a claim and opt-out. The UTSU also offers discounts and other services; visit UTSU's Services to learn more. If you're interested in getting involved with the UTSU, check out the Commissions Section on their website.

Contact Points

UTSU Engineering Representatives: Andrew Chen (andrew.chen@utsu.ca)
VP Professional Faculties: Paul Kaita (vpprofac@utsu.ca)

Information for Clubs

Recognition and Affiliation with the UTSU

The UTSU maintains a policy and mechanism for the recognizing of campus organizations. For the purpose of this policy, all such organizations, wishing to use “University of Toronto Students’ Union” or “UTSU” in their names, and all groups wishing to access Union services and to participate in Union sponsored events, must first be recognized by the Union. Union “members” are defined as University of Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU) members as outlined in UTSU By-Laws, unless otherwise specified. Campus club(s), group(s), and campus organization(s) are used interchangeably and only refer to St. George campus-recognized clubs. For all the information you need to know about UTSU Clubs, click here.

Can engineering clubs be recognized?

Yes! Engineering clubs can be recognized for the UTSU. Any club can apply for recognition. If a club fulfills both of the following two criteria, it will not be eligible for funding, but can be eligible for all of the other club services that are unique to the UTSU. If a club only fulfills one of the following, then it is eligible for all services including funding. An Engineering Club is any campus group that meets both of the following two criteria:

  1. More than half of the club’s members are members of the Engineering Society.
  2. The club’s primary purpose is, in the opinion of the Clubs Committee, to serve the needs and/or interests of members of the Engineering Society. Ambiguities in clubs primary purpose (ie. Engineering focused vs. non-Engineering focused) should be handled in favour of the club so that it receives funding from UTSU.

What are the benefits of recognition?

By being recognized, you can access the UTSU Clubs Services which include:

  • Funding
  • Skills training sessions
  • Membership development
  • Free photocopying and printing
  • Event planning, budgeting, and constitution consultation
  • Mailing address and mail collection
  • Free barbecue, coffee urn, water barrel rentals
  • Lawn space for barbecues and events
  • Promotional services
  • Bulk purchasing of t-shirts and other swag
  • Event insurance